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Campus Facilities

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Campus Facilities

AIS–Al-Sulaimaniah is located in Sulaimaniah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our purpose-built campus is divided into four sections, which are the Girls, Boys, Primary, and KG sections.

In line with local laws and regulations, boys and girls are placed in separate, segregated sections as of Grade 1.

All of our main classrooms for students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards to assist student learning. Our advanced academic facilities include eight science laboratories, five computer laboratories, art rooms, as well as indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

A distinctive IT feature at our school is the computerized learning and testing center, which includes five SABIS® Integrated Testing and Learning (ITL) halls, where students are assessed on a regular basis and can revise and review material learned. Our school campus also encompasses four libraries and three cafeterias.

Kindergartners enjoy their own, independent building with colorful hallways and engaging classrooms. Youngsters enjoy a large playground full of endless amusement options. 

Our campus also has modern clinics where our students may go to be looked after in comfort in case of an accident or illness.

We are very proud of our campus and the facilities that we offer our students. Our bright, modern, and well-equipped campus contributes to creating the very positive atmosphere we have in our school. We do hope that you come to visit us!

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