• “AIS has become one of my pillars to aid myself create a bright future ahead of me.”
    Angelo Urfano Grade 9

  • “I have been in AIS since kindergarten and ever since it has helped me build my confidence and a strong personality.”
    Mugharad Khalifa Grade 12

  • “I am proud to be learning the SABIS® system. It helped me thrive in my education and helped me shape a good character.”
    Fahad Al Ouaida, Grade 7

  • “Through the 8 years I have been enrolled in AIS, I’ve grown into a mature teenager. Being part of the SLO® team helped me improve my leadership skills drastically, definitely made me a more sociable person and willing to make a difference.”
    Omar Kassas Grade 10

  • “AIS is a great school, it changed me to be a better person with a strong personality. I like everyone in this school because they are kind and friendly and I like all the activities.”
    Dalaa Al-Owaishek Grade 8

  • “AIS accepts who we are, and allows us to thrive.”
    Galla Al Hammad Grade 9

  • “AIS has a really friendly atmosphere. At all times, all teachers, prefects, AQCs and SLC are willing to help. AIS provide us a comfortable and enjoyable academic experience.”
    Hanan Kouli Grade 10

  • “The fresh changes have made this school more motivating towards us. The students are now more eager to be educated.”
    Judy Qabbani Grade 11

  • “AIS what I like to refer to a safe and loving community, that accepts you for who you are. Provide knowledge on a greater academic level. It’s our home away from home.”
    Maram Tabbara Grade 12

  • “The unity of our students and their extra ordinary work ethic have changed our school for the better, and have inspired the school body and faculty to go above and beyond this year.”
    Zeina Bukhari Grade 12

  • “AIS is my 2nd home. Having been here for 11 years didn’t only improve me academically but also changed me as an individual. I am so proud that I will be an AIS graduate next year!”
    Tamer Abou El Samen Grade 11